Developing a new IT solution to provide support to smallholder producers in Malawi

  • MICF is supporting a project to develop highly innovative software, which is a combination of a cloud-based server and a custom mobile application that can intelligently gather and deliver information to smartphones in the hands of agribusiness extension workers and ultimately to smallholder farmers themselves. This is a technology that is attempting to track production, provision of technical backstopping, traceability of inputs and produce and finally integrate this together in a single platform for its client. End to end integration of the supply chain has never been attempted before in Africa and this project is at the technology frontier in trying attempt such an approach. 
  • This project attempts to create a deeper and more transparent integration of small-holder farmers with agricultural business supply chains, combined with greater access to education and information to improve their productivity. By accessing information about farming practices on a timely basis, they will improve their productivity and the quality of their produce allowing both companies at the top of the value chain and the smallholder farmer to benefit. Furthermore, by connecting directly with agribusiness supply chains they will develop improved access to markets and finance. The project is expected to benefit around 5,000 smallholder farmers through improved incomes and result in 30% reduction in post-harvest losses incurred by these farmers.

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